Final Testing and Dispute Resolution

1 Medical Locations offers a final testing service of new electrical installations. Independent validation of new group 1 and group 2 medical locations is crucial to establish if the earth system is adequate. The required final tests are not now so rigorous as with MEIGaN.

The tests undertaken will check for compliance with BS7671 and HTM 06-01 plus we will carry additional tests that used to be required by MEIGaN. I also discuss the electrical design with the designers to help spot any issues in advance. Any faults found will be rectified where possible. A full report is issued accordingly.

Anecdotal evidence has found that in general, around 50% of new medical locations will fail the tests that I offer. I am currently gathering evidence on this count. It is a common occurrence that electrical contractors don’t fully understand medical locations and earth systems and do not install the earth bonding correctly.

2 Medical Locations offers advice where two parties have contractual disagreements with the electrical installation of medical radiological equipment.

Examples include an x-ray room failing on the measurements of the earth system and the installer disputes the earthing is adequate.  For example, they may have installed an earth wire that is too thin.  It may be that the measurements are incorrect.

Radiology departments may encounter difficulties with their own turnkey equipment service providers.

Please feel free to contact Medical Locations for help and support