1   Medical Electrical Installations – using BS7671(2018), IET Guidance Note 7 and HTM 06-01 (2017).

* This course provides 6 CPD credits in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists.*

This course is approved by the British Institute of Radiology.

Duration: – 5-6 hours in a classroom environment with an initial two hour summary session for radiographers and medical physics experts who are involved with medical radiological equipment purchasing and commissioning.

The course is for estates engineers, project managers, electrical contractors, medical and x-ray engineers and especially focuses on the relevant points for medical radiological installations.  The course can be extended into two days to cover actual live testing methods.

A short version is available to radiological equipment suppliers that lasts around 2- 3 hours.

The HTM guidance has been structured to better clarify the purpose of final circuits and to compliment BS7671 (known colloquially as the Wiring Regulations). It is important to note that MEIGaN no longer applies.

The course is structured so that other healthcare staff may attend the course for the first session in order to attain a brief overview of the new document.  I

Course Contents:

    1. BS7671, GN7 and HTM 06-01 document structure and UK regulatory frameworks.
    2. Governance Process and how to determine the use of a location.
    3. UK regulatory structures
    4. Final Circuits which include Medical IT (blue sockets)
    5. Earth systems and measurement of these earth systems for medical radiological equipment installed in Medical Locations

Courses can be varied to suit clients and are capped which means good value for courses with high numbers.  Other staff such as radiographers and physicists will find the first 90 minutes summary session useful for advice on commissioning.

The 2017 (April) version of the Department of Health Guidance note HTM 06-01 which can be found on the following link:

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-electrical-services-supply-and-distribution-within-healthcare-premises – This guidance document is listed with other HTM’s on –https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/health-technical-memorandum-disinfection-and-sterilization

The IET now sell (online) a new version of Special Locations – Guidance Note 7 and should be used in conjunction with BS7671.

2   Medical Locations Ltd also offers bespoke training for x-ray and medical engineers on:

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