Final Testing

1 Medical Locations offers a final testing service of new medical electrical installations.   Independent validation of new medical locations is crucial to establish if the earth system is adequate among other issues but these tests are quickly and easily undertaken by staff who have undertaken the course. 

2   Medical Locations offers advice where two parties have contractual disagreements with the electrical installation of medical radiological equipment.

Examples include an x-ray room failing on the measurements of the earth system and the installer disputes the earthing is adequate.  For example, they may have installed an earth wire that is too thin.  It may be that the measurements are incorrect.

Radiology departments may encounter difficulties with their own turnkey equipment service providers.

Please feel free to contact Medical Locations for help and support.

Here is a document that I have drafted on the testing and commissioning of medical electrical installations.

Pocket Guide for Medical Electrical Installations July 2023 copy

Print the pocket guide using Adobe reader and select booklet in the print menu.

Here is my approach to Microshock or “Heart Pacemaker Disruption Currents”.